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IFM Electronic has its optical PMD sensor (On-chip time of flight measurement) is now integrated in a compact M18 design for the first time and the sensor is developed in line with the 4.0 industry standard. With its laser light and time of flight measurement, the PMD OGD Cube precisely detects the point distance to an object. Depending on the variant, the range for 300 and 500 mm for the OGD Precision and 1500 mm for the OGD Long Range.

Thanks to its small spot diameter, the sensor can not only be used to detect large objects. Especially in the field of assembly automation, it can be used for error proofing applications. So it is precise and high-resolution enough, for example, to check the depth of holes or the assembly of the smallest parts before the workpiece reaches the next processing step (inline quality checks).

The sensor has an IO-Link interface. This not only transmits the measured value, but also permits the complete parameterization from a distance. This allows the sensor to be individually adapted to different workpieces or production situations from the control level. This makes the PMD OGD Cube an extremely compact and convenient problem solver for a large number of applications, even in the industrial 4.0 environment.

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