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ifm20118Success Story

Iveco had to ensure on a 100 meter production line in the body shop that it never stops. To ensure this, the manufacturer of trucks and commercial vehicles has joined with IFM Electronic installed a comprehensive diagnostic system. Unplanned production losses are thus effectively prevented.

ifm30118At the Iveco factory in Suzarra near Mantova in northern Italy, daily 250 "Daily" transporters roll off the line. In the so-called "bodyshop", the body is assembled from pre-punched sheet metal parts with the help of welding robots. Each body has to go through the 100 m long production line. A critical point, because a standstill at this point would stop the entire production.

At the beginning of the joint project was the analysis of which mechanical parts are particularly critical in terms of wear and failure. The strongest mechanical stresses arise at the bearings of the conveyor belts and lifting platforms. A damage case at this point of the plant would result in a substantial production stop here.

Condition-based maintenance

ifm40118"We have decided to carry out condition-based maintenance on the most important line in the bodywork plant, as all variants of the transporter are produced there," explains Amodio Cioffi, Maintenance Engineering Robot Iveca SPA and continues: "In this production line, the side panels are first led to the underbody group , Thereafter, the cross braces are attached and then put the roof. The transports to the welding stations are fully automatic. Afterwards, the various body variants go into further processing. "

In order to ensure maximum availability of the system, an imminent wear of machine components must be detected at an early stage. Fabio Piccinelli, WCM Plant Support Iveco SPA: "For continuous improvement, we are always on the lookout for new technologies to increase efficiency and productivity. As far as maintenance is concerned, we have moved from cycle-based to condition-based maintenance, with considerable cost savings. "

Vibration diagnosis everywhere

ifm50118Specifically, this meant that vibration sensors from IFM were installed on all mechanical components. The VSA type cylindrical sensors are screwed directly to the housing of the respective bearing or gearbox. The separately installed evaluation units VSE permanently analyze the vibration behavior. They recognize imminent damage due to imbalance and give timely alarm.

Guiseppe Sotira, Body Shop Engineering Iveco SPA, explains, "All installed sensors help maintenance personnel to identify the wear condition of each component in real-time and to initiate any necessary maintenance before any real damage occurs."

Monitoring the fluids

However, condition-based maintenance goes far beyond monitoring mechanical components. An example is the monitoring of the coolant in the welding guns. Possible sources of error are clogged filters or leaks. Here, IFM monitorsFlow Sensors for small flows of type SBY the flow and pressure sensors of type PN the pressure in the lines.

ifm80118In the central refrigeration cycle system, the flow sensor SM monitors the flow. The compressed air system is reliably monitored with an SD. Even the smallest leaks are reliably detected.

All sensors transmit their measured values ​​digitally IO-Link, "IO-Link transmits the data digitally for reliable process control," says Roberto Militello, Body Shop Maintenance Iveco SPA. "The measuring signal is converted into digital data in the sensor and forwarded. In addition, we can program the switchpoints of the pre-alarm and alarm sensor directly from the server, without having to touch the on-site sensor. We can see and calibrate the sensor in the server. In an exchange, programming is no longer required. "

As software comes the "LR Agent" for use. He collects the sensor data and stores it in a Microsoft SQL database. The analysis and presentation of this data is done by the software "LR Smartobserver", Guiseppe Sotira explains:" The software monitors and manages the measurement data of all sensors. The display options of the parameters show a transparent image of the complete production plant. Every event can be read exactly. Messages such as pre-alarms or alarms are sent by e-mail to the system. "This enables condition-based maintenance that fits in perfectly with the industry 4.0 concept.

Installation during operation

ifm90118The automation engineer installed the system for Iveco on the fly without having to stop production. In parallel operation, you could test the new system extensively and it has proven itself. Damaging damages are now recognized early and repaired during production. Guiseppe Sotira puts it in a nutshell: "Thanks to this cooperation with IFM, we are well prepared for the 4.0 industry."

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