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Harting0417With their measurement results, current sensors improve the monitoring and quality of the use of electrical equipment in automated production. Therefore, they play an important role in the predictive maintenance of facilities. Harting presents the new ones current sensors the HCME (Harting Current Measurement Eco) series.

Current sensors precisely represent the power consumption of a drive, for example. By reconciling the data with other process parameters, the controller can derive knowledge about possible malfunctions. The plant monitoring then intervenes before it comes to errors. The new transducers can now accelerate diagnostics by mapping the current draw of all types of motors in industrial plants. In addition, they monitor the flow of electricity from battery storage and electroplating plants. They contribute to the monitoring of temperature-critical processes in which electrical equipment plays a role. And with their measurement results, they trigger the use of emergency power systems.

Performance and miniaturization have made tremendous progress even with the simpler types of current sensors. The effort it costs to increase the sensor density in the production machine has fallen as a result.

The HCME series uses the principle of direct imaging - open loop - and uses rectangular cores. The devices achieve a precision which, in many installation situations, can match the accuracy of the considerably more complex compensating current transformers (± 0,5%). Thanks to the rectangular shape, the sensors also save space; They also speed up installation or assembly because they can be easily mounted on a power rail.

The wide temperature range from -40 ° to + 85 ° C allows use even under extreme environmental conditions. Due to their high reliability, the sensors are ideal for use in frequency converters and in the supply of high-performance consumers. In addition, the HCME current transformers are safely protected against interference caused by magnetic fields from external live lines.

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