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Baumer implements first another company Hiperface DSL and thus extends its industrial and Heavy duty rotary encoder portfolio to powerful motor feedback rotary encoder with the interface with single-cable technology. By opening its previously proprietary interface, Sick creates an open standard and meets customer requirements for a broad portfolio of motor feedback systems and a minimization of interfaces to be supported in the servo drive.

"We are delighted to have found such a well-known company in Baumer, with whom we can further promote the marketing of Hiperface DSL. Servo drive technology manufacturers thus benefit from an extended product portfolio, greater flexibility in selecting the right encoder, and also have the security of using an open and proven interface over many years ", summarizes Rolf Wagner, Vice President of Product Management, Sick Stegmann GmbH.

Hiperface DSL is a purely digital real-time interface for engine feedback applications. The single-cable technology enables a reduction of connection costs and cable variance. It is easy to implement and offers the highest level of investment and machine safety. The elimination of the second motor feedback cable and the connector for the motor feedback encoder results in significant space savings on the motor side. Especially for small servomotors this means enormously increased design freedom.

The interface allows cable lengths up to 100 m, a transfer rate of 9,375 MBaud and a data transfer synchronous to the controller clock cycle with cycle time up to 12,1 μs. Due to the extremely fast data transfer, Hiperface DSL provides drive systems with extremely high resolution and accuracy, as well as smooth running and good concentricity. The motor feedback interface meets the highest safety standards with SIL3 and IEC61508.

Hiperface DSL complies with the RS485 industry standard and offers all the advantages of a digital real-time protocol as an open interface. The safe and high-performance communication for the servo drive technology also forms an important basis for the condition-based maintenance of machines in the environment of Industrie 4.0 and IIoT.

Picture: Baumer is the first company to implement Hiperface DSL after opening the previously proprietary interface by Sick. (from left): Dr. med. Michael Schneider and Prof. Johann Pohany, both Baumer; Dr. Bernd Cordes and Rolf Wagner, both Sick Stegmann.

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