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Baumer 10317Every engineer knows the problem of integrating sensors into the narrow machine design signals of motor spindles, miniature grippers or robot applications. With its new 12 and 16 mm short inductive subminiature proximity sensors from the series IFRM 03 offers Baumer Now powerful solutions even for the smallest gap. The sensors with only 3 mm diameters allow positioning and object detection even where there is little space behind the sensor.

The IFRM 03 is available in two versions: as 16 mm short sensor with cable outlet and - unique in the market - as 12 mm short version with strands. Compared to their predecessors from the IFRM 03 series, the new sensors offer an 25% greater switching distance despite the shorter length. Especially for miniature sensors, which must be mounted very close to the object to be detected, this means a much better protection against collisions with the moving object to be measured and consequently increased process reliability. The factory calibration ensures extremely low production spread and easy sensor installation. In series production, the individual adjustment can be dispensed with in many applications. The IFRM 03 sensors are very robust for their size. Thanks to a temperature compensation optimized for the usual application range from 10 ° to 60 ° C, the sensors in this area show a particularly low temperature drift. This guarantees a constant switching distance and highest repeatability.

In very tight spaces such as in motor spindles, the IFRM 03 sensors with stranded output are an interesting alternative. In contrast to sensors with cable output, which require at least one to 2 cm for cable routing in addition to the housing length, the stranded versions offer a very low bending radius. This reduces the effectively required space requirements of the sensors by a further 30% compared to cable variants of the same overall length.
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