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joedden0217The inductive transducer SM263 / 283 in the diameter 12 mm thin housing of AB Jödden are designed for measuring distances up to 360 mm. An integrated microcontroller evaluates the axial displacement of the mu metal core. The complete electronics, which provides a proportional output signal, is installed in the housing.

The low current consumption allows the sensor to be designed in 2 conductor technology with an output signal from 4 to 20 mA, which can be directly processed by many controllers and display units. The finite value of <4 mA makes it possible to permanently supply the sensor without external, additional energy supply. This also allows an internal monitoring (sensor defect / line break) to be realized. The Live Zero (Live Zero) signal is typical for high availability 2 ladder sensors. The live zero circuit is also very advantageous for troubleshooting because the waveform can be evaluated with a multimeter over the entire transmission path.

The operating voltage required is 9 to 32 VDC. The minimum operating voltage depends on the load resistor RB (9 V + RB (in ohms) x 20 mA). In the push-button versions, the plunger is pushed into the rest position via an integrated spring. The electrical connection is via stranded or plug output. Variant or special constructions designed by the provider as well. The molded construction (IP68) allows the use of the sensors even in extreme environmental conditions such as oil mist, mud, rain, dust and high shock and vibration loads.
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