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heidenhain0217The encoder Heidenhain now also offers the ECN 400, EQN 400 and ERN 480 series with a secure hollow shaft connection and mechanical fault exclusion. This eliminates errors such as the slippage of a frictional connection, which can not be detected by the controller. Mechanical and plant engineers can use the new encoders to implement systems with high safety ratings.

The safe hollow shaft connection is available on the encoders for hollow shafts with 10 and 12 mm diameters open on one side, and is offered for the devices with the interfaces Endat 2.2, Drive-Cliq * and 1 VSS, It is created by simply pushing the hollow shaft of the rotary encoder with its clamping ring onto the drive shaft. The encoder side makes the combination of clamping ring, the specially selected clamping ring material and an additional screw clamping a mechanically secure, frictional connection. The drive shaft must meet specified minimum requirements for tensile strength, interface pressure and surface roughness.

With this safe hollow shaft connection, the new rotary encoders provide all the necessary prerequisites to achieve safety-related applications in accordance with SIL 2 (according to EN 61 508) or performance level "d" (according to EN ISO 13849) in conjunction with safe control. For the two absolute encoders ECN 400 (singleturn) and EQN 400 (multiturn) with serial interfaces, this also includes all information necessary for commissioning, monitoring and diagnostics. With the ERN 480 incremental encoder, the machine and plant manufacturer can very easily meet the requirements in safety-related applications thanks to the mechanically secure hollow shaft connection.

Thanks to their mechanically secure hollow shaft connection, the ECN 400, EQN 400 and ERN 480 are suitable for applications in machine tools and for pick-and-place machines in automation as well as for injection molding systems in plastics processing.
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