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steute0416Especially in low-temperature operations, many users rely on non-contact sensors, because with them there is no risk that frozen moisture interferes with the action of electromechanical switching devices such as limit switches. has for this highly specialized field of application steute Now a new series of Ex magnetic sensors developed.

The cylindrical sensors with the diameter M 20 are cold resistant to -60 °C and also tested and approved according to Atex and Iecex for use in the gas ex zones 1 and 2. This makes them suitable for applications from which the supplier is increasingly receiving inquiries - for example, for offshore installations that have been installed in Arctic regions or for ships such as gas tankers that are traveling in these regions.

The non-contact operating principle simplifies the sealing of the housing under these extreme conditions and ensures a long service life: the mechanical life is over one million operations, and the electrical life has been extended with 106 ... 109 Calculated switching cycles. The housing is made of a high-quality glass-reinforced thermosetting plastic, which ensures that the high degree of protection of the magnetic sensors (IP 66 to IP 69) is maintained even under these minus temperatures even after an 7 Joule shock test.

With their characteristic profile, the sensors are particularly suitable for querying the position of flaps, valves, lids and other moving components, for example on installations in the oil and gas industry (onshore and offshore), as well as shipbuilding and port facilities. Other applications include handling systems on oil rig platforms and position sensing on the jib cranes.
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