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heidenhain0416SPS IPC Drives Hall 7, 190 Stand

With the encoderSeries ECI 4000 / EBI 4000 complements Heidenhain's existing range of inductive position gauges. The new variants are modular devices without integral bearings with a hollow shaft dimension of 90 mm. They can replace the conventional toothed belt drives for coupling a motor feedback system to torque motors.

With fewer components, the encoders create a gain in performance and enable guaranteed wear-free operation. They also offer high control dynamics, are reliable and functional. Thus, they also open up new applications for inductive encoders, eg. B. on highly dynamic motors, drive modules and machine components that require a corresponding hollow shaft of the meter.

The singleturn version ECI 4000 has a resolution of 20 bit. Alternatively, the EBI 4000 multiturn variant offers a revolution counter option with a resolution of 16 bit. The encoders with a height of 20 mm consist of a scanning unit and graduation drum. The sampling is carried out as so-called all-round sampling. In this case, the complete division structure of the pitch drum (rotor) with the associated Abtastband the scanning unit (stator) involved in the extraction of the position signal. In this way, the encoder evaluates two incremental scanning tracks of different periodicity. This scanning principle has a very positive effect on the mounting tolerances and the position accuracy. It also largely compensates over the entire speed range up to 6000 min-1 Positional deviations, such as occur in a displacement of the pivot point of the drive shaft.

The inductive encoders are equipped with the digital EnDat 2.2 interface.
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