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sick0316SPS IPC Drives Hall 7A, Booth 340

Sick presents the different possibilities and ways to reach the goal "the smart factory". With its broad product and solution portfolio, the sensor manufacturer provides the basis for making processes more flexible. This involves digitization, intelligence and networking in production and logistics systems so that they can autonomously optimize and control themselves.

In the context of Industrie 4.0, sensor technology ensures that customers can put their reality into data and use it purposefully for their application. To process the unprecedented amounts of data, sensors must become more robust and powerful, and above all, more intelligent. But even with data: quality over quantity. The more compact and meaningful the data is, the more efficiently resources can be used and the more accurate the analysis will be. Intelligent sensors that pre-process, compress and filter data directly in the sensor perfect the processes for the 4.0 industry.

An automated production process requires sensors that communicate not only at the control level but also at the higher-level data level. The additional interface to the data or software system enables new analyzes and functions that increase flexibility, quality, efficiency and transparency in production - a radical adaptation of the industrial pyramid. Therefore, the sensor must first transmit the acquired data to both outputs in parallel and independently of each other.

In the course of backward compatibility, the manufacturer's sensors can already do both: they send reliably to the PLC but also to the data world. The advantage for the customers is that the tried and tested continues to run, but they can use the additional options step by step. Sensors even play a disruptive role in the distant future of Industrie 4.0: as soon as data systems are powerful enough, sensors control the machines directly and exclusively via the data level.
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