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hengstler0216With the Single Cable Solution Hengstler meets the current requirements of modern motor feedback systems and offers a true one-cable solution with the highest performance. Looking at the requirements of a system in detail, one recognizes a clear trend: Maximum machine availability with simultaneous cost reduction and a certain degree of investment security through future-oriented technologies are the focus.

Single Cable Solution with its "Acurolink" interface is designed to provide a high level of functional safety in servomotor control systems. The data protocol of the electrical interface meets the requirements of SIL3 according to IEC 61508, Cat. 3 PLe according to EN ISO 13849. The Acuro AD37 encoder itself and the IP core in the control meet all requirements, depending on the application scenario, from non-SIL to SIL3. Due to the realizable safety functions in the drive, the machine can continue to operate thanks to the Single Cable Solution - even if an employee is directly in the potential danger zone. An absolute prerequisite on the way to maximizing machine availability.

An operating temperature of up to + 115 ° C, a working speed up to 12.000 min-1 and a short installation depth of 28 mm make the AD37 the most compact, absolute multiturn encoder in its class. In the SIL3 expansion stage, this high-performance rotary encoder is called AD37E. An "Electronic Data Sheet" (EDS) in the rotary encoder stores specific encoder data and can be called up at any time. The encoder itself stores motor and drive data in an internal OEM memory. The electronic nameplate provides engine identification data, article and serial numbers as well as the possibility of automatic adjustment to the parameters of the respective engine. Diagnostic and monitoring functions provide important information for the operating state of the machine.

By providing motor power and motor feedback signals via a cable, efficiency is significantly increased. Especially with larger systems, you can feel a significant gain in space and the engine saves significantly in weight. There are also significant benefits in terms of faster installation and material costs for cabling the systems.
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