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MTSThe absolute, non-contact Position sensor "Temposonics RF" MTS Sensors ensures easy installation in tight spaces or on long distances up 20 m. Be flexible sensor rod consists of a flexible plastic tube with cover and carries inside the sensor element, in which the position signal is produced. Also a specially designed, pressure-resistant hydraulic conduit protects (to 350 bar static and 700 top bar) the measuring stick against environmental influences.

The RF sensor can be easily installed and removed, even when space around the machine is tight, ceilings and walls come dangerously close. Even a redundant installation for maximum security is possible in the smallest space. Thanks to its flexible design, the RF is available for measuring lengths up to 20 m, as the packing radius of up to 400 mm enables cost-effective transport. On curved measuring sections, the sensor rod can be laid with a radius of up to 250 mm.

Even on long measuring lengths, the high-performance electronics in the sensor head deliver high-accuracy measurement results. With 0,0025 mm repeat accuracy and a linearity of <± 0,02% of the measuring length, the smallest movements can be reliably monitored. The RF sensor is also flexible with regard to the selectable interface (analog, SSI, CANbus, Profibus-DP, EtherCAT, Powerlink). If several position values ​​have to be determined, the RF can realize independent distance measurements up to 30 or up to 5 distance and 5 velocity measurements with just one sensor and correspondingly many position magnets.

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