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Kuebler0116The portfolio Miniature encoders by Kübler is suitable for use in confined spaces. The trend of compact designs that has been going on for years continues and the demands and demands for compact sensors are increasing. Especially in terms of robustness and accuracy no compromises are made.

The 2400 / 2420 optical encoders, with a diameter of only 24 mm, are space-saving, reliable and precise. The robust bearing design in the Safety-Lock Desgin and the short-circuit-proof outputs underline the robustness of the encoder. 12.000 variants are available to the user to select the right encoder for their installation space, including various flanges, shafts and a large number of impulse numbers.

The 2400 / 2420 encoders are according to the manufacturer the most adaptable miniature encoders on the market. Mechanical adaptations such as larger hollow shaft, special flanges, higher bearing load or even electrical adjustments such as special cable lengths incl. Application-specific plug are implemented by the sensor manufacturer without further ado.

Fast availability, short delivery times with a high number of variants as well as standard types from stock are further features of the incremental miniature encoders, which are mainly used in the field of small devices and in compact applications. But they are also used in mobile automation, in door drives and in various processing machines.
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