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Turck0116Turck has introduced the first fully contactless rotary encoder, which outputs its measured value via IO-Link. This is the QR24 IOL a cost-effective alternative to encoders with analog interface. Users connect the single-turn encoder via a standard M12x1 connector. The use of simple three-wire cables saves you expensive shielded cables.

Further advantages result from the combination with the non-contact measuring principle. The zero point of the rotary encoder can be freely selected - it is simply parametrized after installation via IO-Link. This means that rotary encoders no longer have to be optimally aligned with their electrical connection and work with correction factors for the zero point in the control. The measuring range, the resolution and the orientation of the signal (CW / CCW) are also freely adjustable via IO-Link. The absolute resolution is 0,005 degrees.

The data storage function of IO-Link 1.1 enables a plug-and-play exchange of the QR24 in case of defects. All relevant parameters of the rotary encoder can thus be stored in the IO-Link master and are automatically applied to every rotary encoder of the same type. Employees without specialist training can also exchange the encoder reliably. The machine continues to run smoothly without renewed parameterization. The classic service and the associated waiting times for specialist personnel are eliminated.

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