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pepperl0116With the series presents R100 and R101 Pepperl + Fuchs the first time a new generation of Standard optosensors in retail design. This first of a future-oriented product architecture combine in a small space a variety of innovative technologies. Each design offers all the optoelectronic functional principles. IO-Link is seamlessly integrated.

The R100 series

The R100 and R101 in their marketable and assembly-compatible housing types offer both detecting and measuring optical sensors: through-beam sensors, retro-reflective sensors with polarization filters, foreground suppression or for the detection of transparent objects, energy-efficient reflection light scanners and those with background suppression as well as measuring light barriers and distance sensors.

Depending on the task, all sensors are available with a Power Beam LED or a novel laser technology. The latter combines the advantages of LED transmitters with the strengths of conventional laser diodes. This results in optimized working distances as well as a very precise detection and distance measurement of even small objects. The multi-pixel technology (MPT) developed by the manufacturer as well as an opto-ASIC also make it possible to integrate a highly precise, reliable distance measurement into standardized small enclosures for short-range applications: The R101 series offers the world's smallest distance sensor of its kind. With the combination of multi-turn potentiometers and pushbuttons realized for the first time ever, the user can intuitively set all functionalities independent of the series. Two LEDs visualize the operational readiness and the status of the sensors.

The R100 and R101 series are equipped with IO-Link throughout. They expand the automation industry's 4.0 sensor portfolio and enable 4.0 to network production processes and optimize the availability of machines and plants.
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