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sick04151Sick presents with the "Trispector 1000" For the first time, an 3D vision sensor that solves stand-alone and without programming inspection tasks by simple configuration. Thus, the idea of ​​the 2D vision sensors, such as the Inspector, is simply transferred to the 3D world. Applications can be found in the quality control of the consumer goods and packaging industry.

Stand-alone sensor for cost-effective 3D inspections

Here, the sensor system counts and positions the objects, measures their volume and thickness. Also for volume measurement in the food industry and to verify the integrity of containers including the verification of the content, completeness and emptiness are applications.

The Trispector 1000 creates 3D images of moving objects directly in the production line, for example. Using laser triangulation, he captures elevation profiles to create an 3D image of the object. A configurable object locator and analysis tools are applied directly to the 3D image in the sensor. The evaluation is carried out via simple switching outputs or Ethernet network to the higher-level control system. The Trispector 1000 with three different fields of view is available for different applications.

Intensity data enhances 3D navigation and allows you to see if a label or printed pattern is present or the object is rotated. Thanks to its intuitive user interface, the Trispector 1000 is easy to commission and operate. Even a quick device replacement is easily possible with the large field of view and the reuse of saved settings. The robust IP67 metal housing with plastic windows provides the necessary protection for the sensor - even against harsh conditions in the food industry.
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