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kuebler0415Since 2009 Kübler is the functional safety technology an integral part of the product portfolio. Certified encoders and a complete family of safety modules, consisting of base and expansion modules, ensure safe positioning and movement. In addition to the digital expansion modules, there is now also the analog expansion module "Safety-M modular EMIO.SAI.200".

This module is particularly suitable for monitoring analog sensors. Voltage, current and temperature signals are reliably evaluated, which means they are used in many applications. The device can monitor or evaluate 2 analog signals at the same time, making it a safe signal. This allows monitoring of minimum and maximum values ​​or measuring ranges.

The module has a removable chip card that stores configuration data. This is an advantage especially when changing devices. The front status LED allows easy and local diagnostics. Thanks to the "Safe Monitor" software allows more in-depth diagnostics on the PC and remote maintenance.

The expansion modules with analog inputs are particularly suitable for connecting voltage signals 0 to 10 V, current signals 4 to 20 mA and Pt100 temperature signals -200 ° to + 850 ° C. The module is SIL3 / PLe and UL certified.
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