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pepperl0415With the "UMB800" has Pepperl + Fuchs the world's smallest full stainless steelUltrasonic sensor brought on the market. It is made entirely of FDA-compliant materials. With a wide range and a very compact design, it opens up new possibilities for automation in hygienic areas. It is hygienically encapsulated and the housing is made of V4A stainless steel.

The most compact solid stainless steel ultrasonic sensor in a hygienic design

The surface roughness of the housing, less than 0,8 μm, minimizes the microbial contamination risk. The processing of the outer skin is gap-free and hermetically sealed. The sensor resists both a steam jet treatment and aggressive cleaning agents. It has IP68 / IP69K protection and Ecolab certification. When installed in existing systems, all cleaning processes can remain unchanged.

With 18 mm diameter and 55 mm length, the UMB800 is the smallest full stainless steel ultrasonic sensor on the market worldwide. However, the compact design does not detract from its performance: a blind zone of only 70 mm and a range of 800 mm results in an exceptionally large measuring range.

The sensor complies with European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) guidelines and the materials used are fully FDA compliant. The certificates also apply to his specially developed hygienic mounting bracket. The assembly is possible without tools. The sensor also withstands high temperature fluctuations and can operate at a continuous operating temperature of up to 85 ° C.

The UMB800 series is primarily designed for use in the hygiene sector (food and pharmaceuticals). In addition, its strengths are also effective in applications in aggressive environments, such as in chemistry or vulcanization. The same applies to systems where robust cleaning methods are used. Typical applications are food packaging in deep-drawing trays, level measurement in storage containers, car tire production or in processes in electroplating and painting plants, for example to detect the extension and retraction of parts in the acid bath.
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