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With the FT25-RLA Sensopart presents the first analog laser distance sensor in the easy-to-install miniature housing of the proven F25 series. With its small, precise light spot, very high repeat accuracy and fast response time, the sensor is particularly suitable for precise measurement tasks such as the measurement of small parts, positioning and control tasks as well as robotics applications.

The FT 25-RLA reliably and precisely determines the distance to objects of any color and surface finish. Even glossy or multicolored surfaces with irregular contrast changes, such as multi-colored packaging or barcodes, have practically no influence on the very high repeatability of the <0,25 mm sensor. With its precise, small light spot from distance-independent 1,2 to 2 mm, it measures very reliably on small objects as well as on axial or lateral object movement.

The distance sensor equipped with a 1 class red-light laser offers a measuring range from 20 to 100 mm. The determined distance value is output in the form of a linear voltage value from 1 to 10 V via the integrated analogue output. In addition, the FT 25-RLA has a digital switching output, whereby the measuring ranges for both outputs can be set independently of each other. An inversion of the analog characteristic is also possible.

The FT 25-RLA is ideal for a wide range of industrial applications, such as O-ring thickness determination, dual-layer feed control, cavity measurement, and stack height control of packaging due to its high measurement and repeat accuracy on a variety of surfaces. The very compact dimensions of 34 x 20 x 12 mm, the low weight of 10 g and the fast response time predestine the sensor for use in robotics applications.
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