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SPS IPC Drives Hall 4A, Booth 335

With the Ethernet encoders EAL580 and the new portfolio Heavy duty rotary encoders sets Baumer New standards in absolute encoders: The EAL580 series offers an extremely compact design for use with the latest communication technologies. The new generation of HMG10 / PMG10 absolute heavy-duty rotary encoders, on the other hand, combines the proven double-sided bearing with a new magnetic precision scan and the patented Energy Harvesting solution, which has been proven over 10 years in heavy duty heavy duty applications.

With the absolute rotary encoders EAL580, the encoder specialist takes a consistent step in the further development of high-performance Ethernet devices. With the smallest installation depth in the class of 58 mm Ethernet encoders, the compact design of the EAL580 not only makes it extremely cost-effective, but also offers maximum design freedom - especially where it is tight. Due to the lack of need for angle plugs, the EAL580 can be used to realize particularly space-saving constructions. In addition, additional costs for angle connectors are saved. Tight and fault-prone bending radii in the cable are also a thing of the past thanks to the radial plug connection. The EAL580 is the only compact 58 mm rotary encoder with through hollow shaft and either A or B side clamping ring. As a result, it can be optimally integrated into a powertrain and saves awkward additional designs.

For high system availability

baumer20415For the SPS IPC Drives 2015, the manufacturer presents the EAL580 with Profinet as the first variant. This is characterized by a large selection of communication telegrams. The Media Redundancy Protocol (MRP), which is supported by the Profinet variant, significantly increases machine and plant availability. If a connection line or a switch fails in a Profinet network with ring topology, the communication direction can be automatically rotated in the separated network part and thus be used further. With MRP, the EAL580 is able to adapt to the new communication situation without any errors within a very short time. This avoids a total failure of the machine or plant.

To ensure that replacement is as quick as possible during servicing, the EAL580 also supports "Simple Device Replacement". For this purpose, the Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) is used for neighborhood detection. This means that a defective device can be replaced by an identical device without any pre-parameterization. By information exchange among the neighbors in the network, the location of the encoder is clearly known. Based on this, the controller can make all settings identical to its predecessor - without additional tools or device-specific expertise.

Standards set for heavy-duty encoders

In addition to the new series of Ethernet encoders, Baumer is also expanding its unique portfolio of heavy-duty encoders. For almost 60 years, the world market leader in this field has set standards for reliable heavy duty rotary encoders. Whether in container crane systems, lifting bridges or steelworks, the availability of systems has the highest priority. Under these harsh, sometimes very aggressive environmental and production conditions, heavy-duty encoders such as the HOG10 have been demonstrating their absolute reliability and unsurpassed service life for decades. The latest generation of absolute heavy-duty rotary encoders HMG10 and PMG10 continue this success principle with even more enhanced performance data.

baumer30415The new generation of encoders combines the tried-and-tested double-sided heavy-duty bearing from Hübner Berlin with a new magnetic precision scan and the patented Energy Harvesting solution that has proven its worth in heavy duty heavy-duty applications over 10 years. The best long-term corrosion protection completes the highly robust properties of the heavy-duty rotary encoders.

For over 100 years, the double-sided bearing of shafts on both shaft ends has proven itself in the construction of electrical machines. For encoders, this means the arrangement of the bearings at the opposite ends of the encoder housing. The combination of optimal leverage results in heavy-duty rotary encoders of the highest performance class with large bearing load reserves. Generously dimensioned ball bearings with optimized bearing clearance for the reception of situational shaft loads as well as torsionally rigid housings make a further contribution to the robust heavy duty construction. The integrated hybrid bearings with bearing balls made of high-strength ceramic offer very good emergency running properties and additional protection against bearing damage caused by induced wave currents.

Robust precision magnetic scanning provides accuracy comparable to optical scanning. It is virtually completely insensitive to dust, dirt and moisture. Even at high temperatures up to + 100 ° C and adverse environmental conditions, the shock- and vibration-resistant magnetic scanning guarantees precise signals for high process accuracy and control quality in the application. At the heart of the new series is the energy harvesting solution "Microgen", which has been well-proven in hard heavy-duty use for over 10 years. The patented latest generation Heavy Duty revolution counter derives its energy directly from the movement of the encoder shaft. It is free of battery and gear, works completely wear-free and is insensitive to dust and magnetic fields.

Precise and extremely resistant

The extremely robust housing with generously dimensioned wall thicknesses is the foundation for the unmatched long service life and reliability of the heavy-duty rotary encoders. Thanks to a combination of labyrinth and shaft seal, the encoders are permanently protected against all types of solid, moist and pasty dirt. The complex sealing concept enables IP66 and IP67 protection over a wide temperature range from -40 ° to + 100 ° C. If the focus of application is in an oily-wet environment, Baumer offers a customized sealing concept. For even greater resistance to aggressive hydrocarbon compounds, there are optional rotary encoder versions with sealing elements in Viton design.

For long-term use on the coast, offshore, and in other highly corrosive environments, Heavy Duty encoders have a highly resistant corrosion protection as standard. This corresponds to the categories C4 or C5M based on the standard EN ISO 12944 and combines a corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy with a surface passivation and a highly impact-resistant powder coating. The exceptionally high corrosion resistance of the products has proven itself well in global use and is additionally confirmed by salt spray tests in accordance with this standard. A further increase in corrosion resistance is available on request in stainless steel.

Thanks to the consistent optimization of all components, the new HMG 10 and PMG 10 series meet the highest requirements: they are extremely robust, very economical and as accurate as previously only optical scans were possible.

Support of the OPC UA communication standard

The absolute rotary encoders EAL580 and HMG 10 / PMG 10 with Profinet are the first encoders on the market to support the OPC UA communication standard. This platform-independent and scalable solution has an open architecture that is easily adaptable to future needs. This ensures the secure, reliable and vendor-neutral data exchange between different systems. With the new encoders, users realize industry 4.0 applications and are ready for the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).
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