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jumo0415SPS IPC Drives Hall 4A, Booth 435

Presented with "Digiline" Jumo a new, bus-compatible connection system for digital sensors, opening the door to sensor technology 4.0. The system enables the construction of intelligent sensor networks. All important measurement parameters of the liquid analysis can be measured with just one system. For the market launch, a new pH and a redox probe were developed. In addition, proven products from the manufacturer for turbidity and oxygen measurement can be connected.

Digiline pH and ORP sensors are supplied as a unit consisting of sensor with reusable electronics. Only with final wear of the pH or redox component, the connection is disconnected and the electronics can continue to be used with a new sensor. The sensor network extends the number of connectable sensors to the multi-parameter measuring and control devices "Aquis touch". In addition, Digiline sensors can be integrated directly into the "Mtron T" automation system, ie without an additional transmitter. There are currently no comparable solution according to the manufacturer.

Different sensors in star or tree structure can be connected to each other. Only a digital signal line is then still to an evaluation or control. This allows a more efficient and faster cabling of systems in which several parameters must be measured at the same time in different places. The intelligent connection system enables flexible solutions for almost any application. This opens up completely new possibilities for industrial applications in the process, food, pharmaceutical and water industries.
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