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BaumerTo reduce the number of variants required in different areas of application, the Baumer has four programmable ones Incremental Rotary Encoders in the program, which work with either optical or magnetic scanning and cover different wave versions. Common to all variants is the uncomplicated programming, either manually via DIP switches, which is easily possible even in the most remote corners of the world, or conveniently from the PC.

The latest of the ITD 2P programmable encoders does not even require an additional cable, but can be programmed via the supply line. Programming via PC software is fast and requires no IT skills. The current device data, eg. B. Type number and current parameterization are initially read out automatically and transferred to the programming software. Then you can enter the parameters for the direction of rotation and the number of pulses for all encoders. Depending on the version, up to 2048, 5000 or even 320.000 pulses per revolution can be programmed. In addition, in some cases the zero pulse position, the zero pulse length and the output signal level can be set according to the application requirements. All encoders are very compact. With diameters between 40 and 58 mm, assembly is easily possible even in rather tight installation conditions.

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