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ams0315AMS has with the "TMx4903" a new series of state-of-the-art Optical sensor modules which combine many features such as universal remote control, barcode emulation, RGB color sensor, and proximity and 3D gesture recognition in an extremely flat package with only 5 x 2 x 1 mm. The high degree of integration of the module saves space on the PCB and significantly reduces material costs.

It offers a number of new features that will expand the next generation of smartphones. The TMx4903 has several optical sensor functions and a built-in IR LED. It simplifies the layout of the circuit board, giving system designers more options. The ultra-slim case design helps designers respond to the demand for thinner and more aesthetic smartphones.

The model series TMD4903 and TMG4903 can detect colors and approach very accurately, and are equipped with a code generator for infrared remote controls. The IR code generator emits the appropriate control codes for TV, hi-fi components, air conditioners, etc. The URC capability is also compatible with the Android Consumer IR programming interface for remote control apps on smartphones. The Mobeam technique for 1D barcode emulation for supermarket cash register scanners, etc. is also supported.

The TMG4903 module has the industry's most advanced non-contact gesture recognition. The manufacturer's 3D technology now recognizes even complex hand gestures. 3D gesture and proximity capabilities have been made possible by automatically modifying the modules for timing and performance of the IR LEDs, minimizing noise and power consumption while optimizing sensitivity and controllable range. The TMx4903 is equipped with a circuit technology that suppresses disturbances caused by the ambient light as much as possible. This integrated intelligent LED drive relieves the burden on the application processor, greatly simplifying implementation in the smartphone software and reducing the computational power required for lag-free gesture recognition.
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