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Eltrotec offers solutions for the numerous detection tasks in mechanical engineering color sensors, Laser distance sensors and fiber optic sensors with the associated amplifiers. With the CLS-K series, Eltrotec offers a compact optical fiber amplifier for scanning distances up to 200 mm and ranges up to 2.000 mm, which measures with a switching frequency of 4 kHz. The analogue output generates signals from 0,1 to 5 VDC.

The CLS-K series is used for position detection, position and presence checks and for length and diameter testing. Optionally, a UV version is available for glass detection or coating control of sheet metal. Fiber optic sensors are the first choice for demanding applications. They can be used at temperatures up to 600 ° C as well as in hard-to-reach places and limited installation spaces where standard solutions with photoelectric barriers are overwhelmed.

Path measurement, web edge control and complex measurement and test situations under difficult conditions are among the fields of application in automation and assembly technology. By a separate arrangement of the electronic components, these sensors are also suitable for hazardous environments. The optical fibers have a cladding with a low and a highly transparent core having a high refractive index. This core is made of transparent plastic or glass. High temperatures, long distances or specific transmission wavelengths require glass fibers, simpler applications can be equipped with the plastic fibers. The transmitted light signal consists of visible, infrared or ultraviolet light, which is guided by the principle of total reflection. Eltrotec has fiber diameters of 30, 50, 70 and 100 μm fiber diameters, with the 70 μm fiber providing the optimum ratio between transmission and flexibility of the optical fiber. For the further processing of the light signal, an adaptation of the light guide to an optical fiber amplifier and a probe is required. There, the light signal is converted into an electrical control signal that can be supplied as a switching or analog signal to the machine or system control. The probe represents the optical head of the sensor and is used for mechanical attachment in the system.

Customer-specific light guides for lighting and sensor tasks according to customer specifications are an important area at Eltrotec. They are manufactured for wavelength ranges from 250 to 2.500 nm.

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