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synotech0215In order to be able to measure vibrations or pressures at turbines and machines at high temperatures, the used sensors meet extremely high requirements. By using special materials in the sensor construction for sensor housing and connecting cable as well as for the sensor element itself, Synotechn has succeeded in achieving extremely high operating temperatures.

For example, the new piezoelectric crystal UHT-12 (Ultra High Temperature - 1200 ° F) from PCB Piezotronics allows operating temperatures of up to 700 ° C. It also features high-precision, low-noise (no popcorn noise) and temperature-stable measurement results.

Using this special ceramic material, vibration sensors such as the 339 ultra-low temperature coefficient series, 357C7X turbine monitoring high temperature sensors and the EX611A20 model for operating temperatures up to 700 ° C, and the 176M high temperature pressure sensors for power generation have been developed.

An overview of the high temperature sensors can be found in the brochure "High Temperature Sensors for Power Generation and Industry".
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