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Baumer0215Baumer has its HOG 86 shaft encoder fundamentally revised and expanded the family with additional variants. Here, the developers relied on a mechanically robust, two-sided mounting with the significantly improved, high-precision optical scanning. This guarantees compared to one-sided bearings under comparable conditions a much higher bearing life. For example, situations occurring overloads are supported by both sides of the bearing and the load absorbed evenly. In practice, this means greater power reserves, higher availability and less system maintenance.

In the new modular system, application-specific solutions can be realized as a standard variant. The user can thus precisely select the properties of the HOG 86 that he really needs, without sacrificing durability or heavy-duty features. Thus, the compact encoders offer an attractive alternative for standard applications and special fields of application, which previously relied on much more expensive encoders. Tough and precise in use - that is the principle of the complete HOG 86 family, which provides a permanently reliable speed measurement. The aluminum housing is also designed for the highest demands. 10 mm wall thickness will easily tolerate even greater shock or vibration loads.

The core of the incremental heavy-duty rotary encoders is a very solid basic equipment that has been upgraded with useful extras. With a resolution of up to 86 pulses per revolution, the HOG 2500E, for example, fulfills all the required encoder functions and heavy-duty product features such as isolated shaft and robust connection technology. Customers who paint their motors or generators after mounting the encoder, save the additional costs for the precoating of the encoder.

If individual equipment is required, then the HOG 86 is used. Upon request, a resolution up to 5000 pulses per revolution is available. Through a variety of connection variants, the encoder can be adapted to different installation conditions individually. In addition, there is a corrosion-resistant surface coating that meets a housing protection according to corrosion class C4 according to ISO 12944-5. All other components such as cable glands, flange boxes and screws are also made of stainless steel or with corrosion protection. The optional hybrid bearings achieve an 40% higher lifetime than the full steel version under the same conditions. On request there is the function monitoring EMS (Enhanced Monitoring System).

The HOG 86 M with redundant signal acquisition offers even greater security in signal transmission. It is the first choice for safety-critical applications. The position and the speed are doubly scanned by two galvanically isolated systems in one housing and provided via two independent signal outputs.

The encoder variants HOG 86 + FSL and HOG 86 M + FSL offer the possibility of energy self-sufficient speed monitoring. An integrated centrifugal switch allows purely mechanical speed monitoring. The freely selectable switching speed is preset at the factory, so there is less error source when installed on site.
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