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Mazet shows new developments and sensor solutions around the applications LED light, process analysis and quality control and color measurement. The Jencolor sensors include photodiodes in combination with structured interference filters. Typical characteristics are a high operating frequency, long-term stable parameters in the specified temperature range, narrowly tolerated spectral transmittance and working temperatures> 100 ° C.

The sensors are available as components or as components of application-specific assemblies and devices. Customer-specific solutions in hard-, firmware- and software as well as support in the calibration of customer solutions belong to the service offer.

Packaging is becoming increasingly important at Opto-Asics. Its properties must ensure trouble-free processing in the manufacturing process of an electronic assembly and the guarantee of functional properties throughout its lifetime. Especially in the LED light application, 50.000 and more operating hours are required. High sensitivity, bandwidth, resolution of the ADC and spectral selectivity are parameters that play an important role, especially in the areas of process measurement and colorimetry. The functional diversity of the serial interface of the sensor signal amplifiers enables optimum adaptation to the various customer applications and processes for measured value acquisition.

New is the offer to adapt existing standard products to the application of the customer by varying the spectral filter characteristics. These application-specific hyperspectral sensors offer the opportunity to develop applications with spectrally resolving optical point sensors.

For spatially resolved opto-sensors, solutions are available for line and matrix sensors with low complexity. Their adaptation to the requirements of the customer can be made if necessary. If required by the function, the pixels can be combined with spectral filters. For the VIS range, hyperspectral sensors are offered as standard components. The measurement data acquisition and evaluation software ensures fast commissioning of the sensor evaluation boards.

The Jencolor hyperspectral sensors are particularly suitable for determining the spectral footprint of transparent liquids with a continuous spectrum. Another area of ​​application is in the area of ​​quality control and process measuring technology. The extension of the evaluable spectral range in the NIR range (<1000 nm) and in the UV range (> 250 nm) is possible in a short time.

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