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wachendorf0115Typically, a user must choose a absolute Profibus DP encoder Define the encoder profile with which he wants to operate the encoder. However, if requirements and desired functionalities change over time, a profile change is often associated with the replacement of the existing rotary encoder. Wachendorff Automation, on the other hand, offers machine builders and plant operators an alternative designed for sustainability and investment security with the WDGA encoder:

The absolute encoder series WDGA for Profibus-DP makes it possible to load in preferred encoder profiles quickly and easily via the GSD file. The user determines with such software-purely with which class - 1, 2, 3 or 4 - he wants to operate the absolute encoder. A change of class is thus possible at any time and without renewed investment in a rotary encoder and the associated assembly costs.

There is a logistical advantage for materials management as well as maintenance and repair departments, because for different plant generations or functionally differently designed plants, only one encoder type has to be managed and maintained.

Different designs and various connection options via bus cover or plug ensure optimum integration of the WDGA encoders into the respective application. The extremely compact dimensions of the absolute encoders with Endra technology support the trend towards miniaturization in mechanical engineering. With their robust mechanical design and maximum bearing loads, they are designed for use in harsh industrial environments.
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