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EltrotechAt Eltrotec there is a new version of the WLCS color sensorsThanks to its higher resolution, it reliably recognizes even the smallest differences in adjacent colors. The WLCS-M 41 is just as suitable for checking and sorting by color as it is for the correct feeding of colored parts in assembly technology. It allows the complete recognition of all colors in the spectrum between 390 and 750 nm. It also captures color uniformity and intensity with a resolution of 12 bit.

In addition to the higher resolution of the WLCS-M 41 also allows significantly greater distances than its predecessor: With light guides it bridges up to 70 mm, with special calculated focus optics even up to 100 mm, reaching four times as far. The distance has another advantage. Since the sensor is separated from the detection point and connected via optical fibers, it can also be used in potentially explosive areas, such as painting or coating.

The multiple teach function makes detection even more secure. All tolerances that occur on the product can be learned: different distances, angles or color nuances. This practical function for four channels is a special feature of the sensors. In addition, the tolerance setting via potentiometer for each color memory is possible separately. To distinguish colors even on glossy or reflective surfaces, optics with different angles are available. 2000 fiber optic versions are available for this purpose.

Areas of application of the WLCS-M 41 can be found in the assembly technology, packaging and other areas where color sorting is carried out. When mounting colored feeders, the sensor ensures color-accurate assembly. The right packaging of baked goods and other foods can also be done after the color detection. Wood and running webs such as carpets, paper or foils are monitored with a color control as well as plastic parts. The sensor complies with protection class IP 65 and has a CE mark.

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