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posital0214With Draw-wire sensors Based on magnetic encoders, linear movements in a measuring range up to 10 m can be detected reliably. With the 'Linarix' product line, Posital offers a wide variety of draw wire sensors that can replace linear measuring systems with potentiometers in applications such as industrial trucks, construction machinery and medical technology.

Unlike potentiometers, whose measuring range is determined by the sliding contacts, the draw-wire sensors offer the advantage of scalability: With push buttons, users can set the devices to the desired measuring range. Two LEDs show the current status and make operation easier. After scaling, the analog output value corresponds exactly to the previously defined characteristic curve, so that the effort in further processing is minimized.

Thanks to their non-contact magnetic measuring principle, the rope pull systems are extremely precise, durable and robust. Equipped with a current or a voltage output, the systems can optionally be equipped with a variety of interfaces such as CAN open, Devicenet, J1939, Ethernet Powerlink, Modbus / TCP / TCP / IP / UDP, Profibus DP, Ethernet / IP, Profinet IO, SSI, Incremental and based on optical rotary encoders.
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