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novotechnik0114Multi-turn sensors that use the GMR (Giant Magneto-Resistance) effect provide absolute position values, do not require any reference signals and do not need a power supply or buffer battery to detect the revolutions. Typical applications exist in so-called true power-on systems in various industrial applications. Novotechnik has the GMR sensors The multi-turn sensors of the RSM 2800 series now also come with digital interfaces.

The measuring range is 14 or 16 revolutions; the measured value is output as SPI or SSI signal. A variant with CANopen interface is in preparation. The robust and with a diameter of only 28 mm very compact sensors work with 16 to 18 bit total resolution (angle 14 bit and 1 to 4 bit for the number of revolutions) and can also convince in terms of accuracy. Over the entire measuring range, the linearity deviations are ± 0,036%.

The robust sensors meet the standard requirements of IP67 protection. They can be easily integrated into the respective application. The shaft has been designed so that it can be easily and angularly indexed by a corresponding customer-side counterpart. Typical areas of application are in mobile work machines, actuators or lifting platforms as well as robotics or, more generally, as an alternative to multi-turn potentiometers or encoders.
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