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Elevators are subject to the highest standards of safety and comfort. At the same time, their drive package, ie motor and control unit, operates continuously in difficult environmental conditions. Heidenhain is setting new absolute standards for this demanding field of application encoder A digital rotary encoder with integrated interpolation and bi-directional serial interface and a particularly contamination-resistant rotary encoder.

The ECN 425 transmits an absolute, high-resolution position value in short cycle times. This enables highly dynamic engine control for hardly noticeable acceleration and braking processes and special driving options such as the quick start. A high level of self-monitoring and diagnostics ensures its functional reliability and provides data for preventive service and maintenance interval control. The electronic and mechanical connection of the ECN 425 is easily possible on the respective motor.

The rotary encoders of the RIQ / IQN 425 series offer sturdy bearings and comply with protection class IP 66. They are available with both solid and hollow shaft. This makes them suitable for applications with high shaft loads such as belt and belt drive.

With the two new encoders ECN 425 and RIQ 425, the manufacturer offers the lift manufacturers further high-performance and heavy-duty measuring instruments. They improve ride comfort and energy efficiency through high-precision position information for control and control tasks in elevator technology. In addition, they offer high reliability through intelligent self-monitoring and diagnostics.

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