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ASMASM introduces the magnetic incremental encoders PMIR7 from the product family "Posirot" in combination with the sensor head PMIS4. The magnetic rings are available for three different shaft diameters, reach up to 184.320 pulses per revolution and are suitable for difficult environmental conditions. The incremental non-contact measuring system PMIS4 / PMIR7 consists of a sensor head PMIS4 and a magnetic ring PMIR7 with index mark.

The sensor head is made of a metal housing closed on all sides and can be combined with three different magnetic rings whose inside diameter is 27, 35 or 50 mm. The position sensors are an accurate, fast working and robust measuring system with a resolution of up to 184.320 pulses / revolution can be achieved. The guide tolerance is ± 1 mm.

The shielded metal housing of the sensor head provides high protection against electromagnetic interference and thermal overload and has IP67 protection. Since the measuring system works magnetically, it is insensitive to contamination z. As by oil or dust, and thus suitable for use in harsh, dusty industrial environment.

The magnetic rings are available with decadal, binary or degree division and reach correspondingly up to 102.400 pulses / revolution, 131.072 pulses / revolution or 184.320 pulses / revolution. The temperature range extends from -40 ° to + 85 ° C, the maximum pulse frequency is 480 kHz. The output types available are HTT, TTL and TTL24V.

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