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ContrinexContrinex has introduced a series of standard marine proximity inductive proximity switches that feature a V4A stainless steel body that is impervious to seawater and saltwater spray. As a result, these sensors are protected against corrosion even under the most extreme offshore conditions. The 700 marine series sensors are made from a single piece of stainless steel including the active surface and are resistant to extreme impact and vibration, and virtually any chemical load.

Using the patented sensor technology called "Condet", it provides a detection distance that is three times the size of conventional sensors for a given size and works stably over the temperature range of -25 ° to + 85 ° C. Another advantage of the Contrinex technology is that the same detection distance is provided for alloys such as brass, aluminum and bronze as well as for steel. This provides a practical distance to the targets to be detected without the need for a precise adjustment, as is often required in conventional sensors, to ensure reliable feedback.

Using this technology, the sensors are sealed up to 80 bar (M12), providing IP 69K protection and the ability to withstand water pressure to a depth of 800 m (600 m / 60 bar for M18 or 400 m) / 40 bar at M30). The sensors are suitable for both over- and underwater applications and are ideal for use on the gripper arm of remote-controlled underwater vehicles, ferry ramps, cranes and other equipment of any kind. Also in docks, locks and docks and on oil rigs and all other facilities , which are exposed to a continuous salt water spray, there are applications. The sensors are available in M12, M18 and M30 sizes, as built-in units and in non-built-in formats with built-in LEDs as well as short-circuit, reverse polarity and overload protection.

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