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di-soric0613Di-Soric extends its program of L * a * b-color sensors around the models FSB 50 M 60 G3-B8 (fixed optics) and FSB 50 M G3-B8 (fiber optic connection). The focus of this device series lies in the very simple operation without external software. With three buttons and four LED displays, all the necessary parameters of the devices can be set easily. There are four push-pull outputs and one trigger input available. A key lock function via the connection cable prevents unwanted operating errors.

The color sensors are very well suited for industrial color measurement and color recognition in many production areas. The perceptive operation, which is similar to the precision of the human eye, also allows the use in the field of quality control. In addition to color changes (DELab ≤ 1), different surface structures can be identified and evaluated.

The integrated long-term stabilization ensures process-reliable operation even over a long period of use without manual readjustment. The use in changing brightness conditions is also absolutely reliable thanks to the internal external light compensation.

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