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rafi0613With the robust control units from the "Glasscape" program counts Rafi to the leading suppliers of capacitive touch input systems for industrial applications. More recently, the company has been producing glass touchscreens for large-screen touchscreens up to 24 '' itself, reducing reliance on Asian suppliers to focus their capacity on mass-market smartphones and tablet PCs.

So far, mainly foil sensors have been used, in which a transparent indium-tin-oxide-coated film is laminated with microscopic trace structures on the back of the front glass. However, with many of the largely Asian suppliers aligning their production capacity to smaller film production, lead times were extended while product quality decreased, in part dramatically. In addition, many manufacturers were only accepting orders above four-digit quantities - sizes that no longer met the needs of the premium manufacturer in a specialized market.

The glass sensors offer some qualitative advantages, since their surface resistance is lower and the permissible temperature range with -40 ° to + 85 ° C is significantly greater than with film sensors.

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