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kuebler0413In applications under extreme conditions on large engines or for the exact speed measurement on generators, the "Sendix Heavy Duty H120 "rotary encoder proven with the special HD-Safety-Lock construction by Kübler. The encoder is now available with an optical fiber connector. It has an accurate and reliable optical sensor system, which means that it is also insensitive to magnetic influences at 100%.

The shock- and vibration-resistant housing, even seawater can not harm. Resistant materials with a wide temperature range from -40 ° to + 100 ° C and the high degrees of protection of IP66 or IP67 master the toughest environmental influences. In addition to the new fiber-optic connection, the robust package of the Heavy Duty Encoder also guarantees this high level of security for signal transmission. Due to their interference immunity, the light guides can be laid easily in the immediate vicinity of power lines or other electromagnetic sources. Cable management is not easier.

The Sendix encoder H120 with fiber optic connection transforms into an optical fiber system: The encoder is also compatible with the manufacturer's own LWL receiver module incremental and the fiber optic cable plug connection.

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