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Found for every application the right encoder is not always easy, since the requirements depending on the application may vary significantly. A remedy for this einmodulares encoder design that Baumer has developed a new standard: The incremental encoders of the "Optical Pulse" series There are in all common flange versions with solid and hollow shaft up 15 mm, various electrical connections and line counts to 5000.

baumer50213A thick-walled metal casing protects the encoder in tough industrial applications and the safe ShaftLock-bearing structure prevents damage by high axial shaft loads. Waves and clamping rings are not made of cast parts, but are made of solid material, which ensures even under adverse conditions a secure mechanical connection. The optical scanning features over the entire temperature range, high accuracy and signal quality. Is complemented by the new range of accessories, ranging from mounting brackets and torque arms to measuring wheels and couplings.

Incremental encoders have conquered in detecting the position and velocity measurement a permanent place. Found for every application the right encoder is not necessarily easy, as there are in incremental encoders no "panacea" is. Practical therefore is a modular product design, thanks to which can meet individual needs at an attractive price-performance ratio and within a short time.

Baumer now presents a new generation of optical pulses incremental encoder that is based on a sophisticated modular. The modular product design has been developed as a new standard for the widespread 58 mm diameter and provides the starting point for many encoder variants, which can be flexibly adapted to different requirements.

Many mechanical and electrical connection options

baumer30213User can specify the required encoders not only in performance but also in terms of mounting options, for application and installation conditions can vary considerably. Previously covered numerous encoder series from these different requirements. With this modular series, it is now easier, clearer and more universal. So now, for example, clamping or synchro flange or versions with continuous or blind hollow shaft of up 8 15 mm diameter within a family of products to choose from. Here are - depending on the version and the shaft seal - the encoders for operating speeds up 12.000 min-1 designed.

For the electrical connection there either M23 or M12 connectors as well as versions with a radial or one - especially in tight spaces like to use - axial cable outlet. Still in the first half of the year also a tangential cable outlet will be available, allowing, for example, in the fan cowl induction motors in a particularly space-saving installation, since the cable conforms almost to the encoder. Depending on the application the cable is also in radial or axial direction is used. The cables are available as standard in lengths 1 or 2 m. The modular design can be easily but other lengths and cable assemblies, for example 0,5 m length with an prefabricated connector. Even when power supply and output stages, there are practical choices. Latest versions with V or 5 8 ... 30 V and TTL signal, versions with 8 ... 30 V or 4,75 ... 30 V and HTL / push-pull available. Through the integrated reverse polarity and short circuit protection the encoder are electrically safe from installation errors.

Precision in harsh industrial environments

baumer40213In detecting the position and velocity measurements in the factory and process automation, but also for example to wind turbines, elevators, packaging and printing machines encoder must also sometimes deliver under very harsh conditions accurate measurements. Mechanics, electronics and opto sensing Pulse encoders are suitable for this application.

Important basis for the optimal concentricity and run is carefully and precisely crafted mechanism with two strained quality bearings. The proven "Shaftlock" bearing structure is used both in full and in hollow shaft versions. It is designed to work even in the toughest conditions reliably and without failure. The design includes oversized quality bearings with maximum distance and prevents movement of the stock package by excessive axial shaft loads during operation or during the installation. Finally, many a shaft encoder has been damaged during installation because an overzealous employee picked up the hammer. Even in such cases, avoids damage to the bearing structure of the code disk or the scanning and preventing costly downtime and repairs. Here are the maximum allowable bearing loads for axially and radially 40 N even at 80 N.

The optical scanning over the entire operating temperature range of up to + 40 85 ° ° C and with high accuracy while maintaining signal quality. This is based on a monolithic "Opto ASIC" with high integration density, which is designed specifically for use in precision rotary encoders. The exact graduation of the code disc provides reliable results without interpolation, the number of pulses per revolution finely graded range of currently 100 to 5000.

By reducing the reliability of discrete components in the application regarding shock and vibration has been increased significantly. The encoders are shocks up 300 g (according to DIN EN 60068-2-27, 6 ms) and vibrations up 30 g (according to DIN EN 60068-2-6, 10 to 2000 Hz), thus they are also suitable for applications where it gets rough accordingly, eg on presses, steel construction or wind turbines. The entire electronic system is also completely resistant to strong magnetic fields, as expected, for example in the field of magnetic brakes.

Construction details with practical benefits

For reliability and durability in industrial use but contribute even more construction details. Thus protects the thick-walled metal casing the encoder from environment while making a significant contribution to the EMC. Waves and clamping rings are not made of cast iron parts, but are made of solid material. This ensured even under adverse conditions a secure mechanical connection. The inserted board connector improves shock and vibration characteristics, thus making a significant contribution to the high operational reliability. By contrast, in the usual mechanical loads lead solder joints and natural aging processes of the solder alloy used to malfunction, especially with permanent temperature changes or vibrations.

Both shafts are flattened, thus ensuring a positive connection, for example with a mounted wheel or a shaft coupling. All shafts are hollow slotted configuration and offer a secure grip on the shaft, reducing vibration and allowing greater shaft tolerance.

The encoders are standard grade of protection IP65 and with additional shaft seal IP67. The right, well proportioned and dimensionally accurate matching accessories simplifies installation and integration into the application. Thanks to this "everything from one source" principle, the interaction between the encoder and equipment runs smoothly. The extensive range of accessories different mounting bracket, stator couplings and torque arms are as much as measuring wheels or bellows, spring washers and double-loop couplings that are different application requirements.

The author Wolfgang Jarausch's Senior Marketing Manager, Motion Control, to the Baumer Group.

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