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huebner1112SPS IPC Drives Hall 4A, Booth 545

Johannes Hübner shows two new absolute encoders with SIL certificate. The specially developed AMP (H) 41 (Profibus) and AMPN (H) 41 (Profinet) are certified according to DIN EN 61508 up to safety integrity level SIL 3 and to EN ISO 13849-1 up to performance level PL "e".

From spring 2013 there are the encoders in two designs: AMP 41 or AMPN 41 with solid shaft (14 mm diameter) for encoder mounting by means of coupling and AMPH 41 or AMPNH 41 with continuous hollow shaft (20 mm diameter) for direct encoder mounting on the Drive shaft. For both Profibus and Profinet interface devices, the Profisafe protocol is used for data transmission. The total capacity is 28 bits, including 13 bit singleturn resolution (8.192 steps) and 15 bit multiturn resolution (32.768 revolutions). An additional incremental output provides 4096 pulses.

The new rotary encoder is especially suitable for heavy industry applications such as steel and rolling mills, mining, crane and harbor installations, as well as applications with extreme operating and environmental conditions.

Features such as a thick-walled aluminum housing, large ball bearings with high dynamic load ratings and an encapsulated interior, even with an open terminal box, predestine the encoder for Heavy industry applications. All units are also equipped with secured screw connections against vibrations as well as keyways for positive shaft connections. With hollow shaft mounting, the long-arm, robust torque arm ensures a higher signal quality. Due to the available degrees of protection up to IP 66 / 67 and the materials used, the absolute encoders are also suitable for use in saline environments.

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