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distrelec1112Many new controllers today do without auxiliary ports and are exclusively equipped with Ethernet / IP interfaces. Sensor specialist Sick has recognized this trend and has expanded its product portfolio with Ethernet-based fieldbus encoders. The new encoders are available Distrelec as of quantity 1 and within 24 h. The single-turn encoder AFS60 and the multi-turn encoder AFM 60 are freely programmable and thus flexible to use absolute encoders, which are characterized by high robustness and precision sensor technology.

In addition, the encoders have so far offered unique, comprehensive diagnostic options that optimize fail-safety and increase system availability.

The encoders with Ethernet / IP interface are nearly universally applicable due to their programmability. In combination with the extensive diagnostic functions and other features such as the rotary axis function and the active network monitoring with DLR, they rank among the best components in their class according to the manufacturer.

The absolute singleturn encoder AFS60 and the absolute multiturn encoder AFM60 are rotative sensors for position, angle, velocity and position detection. The encoders can be freely programmed and are suitable for manufacturers of handling systems, production machines, printing systems and measuring and testing equipment of all kinds. In addition, they have integrated diagnostic functions such as temperature monitoring.

With the so-called DLR functionality (Device-Level-Ring), the encoder sends small data packets to the network monitoring via the dual-port switch at short intervals, thus permanently and actively testing the availability of the network participants and the connections between them Error is restored by a change of direction of transmission in less than 3 ms communication between the devices and the controller.

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