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micro-epsilon1112The Embedded Coil Technology (ECT) allows exceeding the material and structural restrictions that conventional eddy current sensors show. The coil is embedded in an inorganic carrier material. This technology was previously used only for custom solutions. Well bring Micro-Epsilon Default-ECT eddy currentSensors on the market.

Eddy current sensors with embedded coil technology differ significantly from conventional wound coil sensors. The interior of the sensor is embedded in an inorganic carrier material (glass ceramic). Electronic components can be placed on the substrate. This technology has been specially designed for custom applications with high requirements Temperature and long-term stability and developed to a very good reproducibility.

The technology, which has been tried and tested in OEM applications for many years, is now also used in standard eddy current sensors. ECT sensors are designed for the toughest operating conditions. They are suitable for continuous use at temperatures up to 180 ° C, the version with an integrated high-temperature cable even up to 350 ° C. The new sensors are also available with the powerful Controller "Eddy NCDT DT3300".

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