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With the "Mini Mini", Contrinex presents the smallest inductive sensor in the world as well as inductive proximity switches and RFID radio frequency data carriers for use in areas with very high ambient temperatures. Among the new developments presented are also "Conident RF read / write heads" with USB port in miniature format as well as flush metal mountable Conident RF data carriers.

The length of the Mini Mini is 12 mm, the diameter 3 mm. The enormous reduction was made possible by the use of modern mixed-signal ASIC technology, which combines the processing of analog signals with digital processing power on a single chip. This subminiature sensor finds its use among others in robotics, in the pharmaceutical sector, in handling machines and in the production of electronic components.

The high-temperature-stable inductive sensors will be available in the future as standard sensors (600 series) and as high-end sensors in the all-metal version (700 series) in the sizes M8, M12, M18, M30 and M50. In addition to the wide temperature range of -25 ° to + 230 ° C and their high temperature stability, these sensors offer an extended switching distance, a high degree of impermeability to liquids and moisture, as well as a long service life and long-term reliability. The range -40 ° to + 120 ° C is continuously covered by the sizes Æ 4 mm to M30.

The extremely durable RFID data carrier Conident HF (ISO 15693) withstands very high temperatures and easily withstands changing as well as permanently high temperatures. This showed tests in which the 2000 transponder had to withstand 30 min at 25 ° C and then 30 min at 250 ° C. Moreover, the disk also withstood a constant temperature of 250 ° C more than 2000 h. This special transponder allows the traceability of products in very difficult environments. The new data carriers comply with protection class IP68 / IP69K.

The Conident HF USB miniature read / write head (ISO 15693) is housed in an M18 35 mm threaded housing. It belongs to a set of four very small read / write heads (SLK) that can be directly connected to and powered by a USB port. In addition to the miniature version, this SLK kit also includes an 50 mm-long M18-SLK and two M30 versions in the lengths 35 and 50 mm. Their size and direct PC connectivity make them attractive for many space-constrained applications.

Thanks to a small technical twist, the RFID data carriers Conident HF for flush mounting in metal (ISO 15693) overcome the usual difficulties of high-frequency RFID data media in metal environments. They can be flush mounted in metal and withstand both changing and permanently high temperatures of up to 180 ° C. The transponders have protection class IP68 / IP69K.
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