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Mazet presents with the sensor board MTCS-NT-AB3 a new Jencolor color sensor solution for lighting applications. The MTCS-NT-AB3 sensor board is based on two new IC solutions that have been specially developed for tasks in LED lighting control, such as the regulation of LED light sources. The True-color sensor IC on the board realized the color measurement according to standard CIE1931.

The sensor signals can be directly processed as XYZ values ​​in the Lab / Luv color space. The XYZ filters of the sensor show no signs of aging or temperament drift and are long-term stable over the lifetime.

The MCDC04AQ on board signal processing IC is a high-bandwidth, power-to-digital converter with I2C output. The IC works by charge-balancing and also converts minimal photocurrents with high accuracy (16 bit). Its full scale range can be adapted to the respective application by programming before / during operation. Thus, a sensitivity of 20 fA / LSB can be implemented with a dynamic range from 1 to 1.000.000. The IC has the possibility for external synchronization of the measurement and is temperature compensated.

Both components on the board, supplemented by power supply and I²C interface, recommend the board as the ideal OEM color sensor solution in the Luv / Lab color space. Supplemented with a μC or FPGA, the XYZ sensor values ​​can be integrated directly into algorithms for measuring and control tasks and here achieve accuracies of delta u'v '<0,003. This predestines the OEM sensor for applications in which accuracy and stability of the color are indispensable despite high temperature fluctuations, such as the calibration of the cabin light in aircraft, the color management of backlights in displays or video walls.

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