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Microsonic0712Microsonic's patent-pending ultrasonic web edge sensors now provide an extremely wide working range of 12 or 35 mm and are also IO-Link capable. The bks + is suitable for web guiding from highly transparent films, photosensitive materials, materials with widely varying transparency, and paper in high paper dust environments.

Until now, such measuring ranges could only be generated with great effort by using several transmitters and receivers. With a fork width of only 30 mm for the bks + 3 or 60 mm for the bks + 6 and a depth of 33 or 73 mm, the new generation of ultrasonic sensors is very compact in spite of the large working range and allows a high measuring accuracy of 0,1 mm a wide range of uses. The ultrasonic sensor is preset and ready for immediate use. Optionally, it can be extensively parameterized using the LCA-2 link control adapter.

The IO-Link interface created the conditions for a seamless exchange of process data and service data between the system control and the bks +.

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