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ASM0612ASM expands its series Magnetostrictive position sensors "Posichron" around the PCST27 series, The robust rod sensors enable precise position detection directly in the hydraulic cylinder or the measurement of levels. The models of the PCST27 series impress with their reliability, even after years of use under the most extreme conditions of use.

The position sensors are extremely robust and are therefore also suitable for applications in which other measuring principles fail. The PCST27 models were specially designed for integration into hydraulic cylinders that are used in harsh environments, such as offshore or in shipping. Thanks to their rod design, they can be easily installed in the cylinders and record the positions with high precision even under the most difficult conditions.

The PCST27 sensors consist of a magnetostrictive waveguide and a displaceable position magnet. This measuring principle is based on magnetically generated density waves and the measurement of time pulses and is suitable for applications in which the highest precision, repeatability and resistance to environmental influences such as vibration, wetness or shock are important. You work absolutely contactless. Since they have no moving parts, they are wear-free. Years of trouble-free operation is ensured.

The PCST27 rod profile sensors are available up to protection class IP68. They are pressure-resistant up to 15 bar. Your measurement is absolute, with linearities of more than 0,02% ensuring high measurement accuracy. Measuring lengths from 0 to 100 or up to 0 to 5750 mm are possible.

An analog (with 0-10 V or 4-20 mA), a pulse (start / stop) or an SSI output is available for easy integration into different systems. Longitudinal water tightness is a matter of course for all sensors. The variant with analog output also offers seawater resistance. Different mounting flanges give enough flexibility for almost any installation situation.

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