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Achema 11.0 Hall, Booth E27

In order to detect angles, positions and velocities in an explosive atmosphere, one depends on explosion-proof versions. Because the requirements are as diverse and individual as the applications are Baumer developed a comprehensive program of absolute and incremental encoders specially designed for the needs of the Chemical, petrochemical and process industries are designed.

IECEx certification for international use

Baumer10612The Incremental Heavy Duty Rotary Encoder EEx OG 9 is certified according to the IECEx standard. The flameproof device "d" with increased safety "e" thus complies with the requirements of the Atex directive 94 / 9 / EG for potentially explosive atmospheres (EX II 2G Ex de IIC T5 / T6 Gb) as well as the IECEx scheme (Ex de IIC T5 / T6 Gb), which makes it possible to use it in all of today's nearly 30 countries that have joined this standard. Users benefit from this internationalization primarily in machines and systems intended for export. The encoder operates on the optical scanning principle and delivers 16 to 5000 pulses per revolution, depending on the version. The patented "Low Harmonics" technology ensures a high signal quality in the product variant with sine signals. The durable housing is made of cast aluminum, the 11 mm strong stainless steel shaft. An 90-compliant terminal box facilitates installation and protects the terminal area, which is designed to provide increased safety "e".

Atex encoders for harsh environmental conditions

Baumer20612Flameproof encapsulated encoders are also suitable for use in EX-Zone 1, ie areas in which an explosive atmosphere can occasionally form during normal operation as a mixture of air and combustible gases, vapors or dusts. A typical example of this is the incremental hollow shaft encoders EEx HOG 161 with Atex approval (II2G Ex de IIC T6). It also works according to the optical scanning principle and provides two 90 degrees offset incremental signals at the output. Explosion-proof hollow shaft encoders are suitable for direct mounting on shafts up to 70 mm diameter. The large terminal box is rotatable by 180 degrees and executed in increased safety "e"; All components are designed for a long life, even in the most adverse conditions. The same applies to the X 700 series, which are available as incremental encoders or single and multi-turn absolute encoders. The shaft-mounted encoders with ATEX approval (EEx d IIC T4) are housed in a robust stainless steel housing and are therefore also suitable for applications in which aggressive media can be expected.

Stainless steel and corrosion protection

Baumer30612In addition, compact, corrosion-resistant encoders in stainless steel housings are available in all common housing shapes, in shaft or hollow shaft designs and with protection classes up to IP68 and 69K. The optical absolute rotary encoder GE404 For example, they are made from the highly durable V4A grade 1.4404 or 1.4435 stainless steel. The seals are chemically very resistant and resistant to high temperatures. Thanks to the large variety of interfaces, the connection to higher-level automation systems is easy. Robust stainless steel rotary encoders are available with SSI interfaces as well as with fieldbus or Ethernet connections. As users rely on corrosion-resistant encoders in many areas, Baumer also offers a number of ex-protected as well as "normal" versions with an additional housing coating as an option. They then correspond to the corrosivity class C4.

At the fair, the company will also be showing customized encoder solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

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