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knick0212The developed by Knick Software "Memo Suite" is a PC-based tool for convenient calibration, adjustment and management of "Memosens" sensors. Handling is easy and safe by pre-calibration in the laboratory. There, defined conditions are much better adhered to than on-site at the process. The sensors are then replaced only on site against pre-calibrated components.

Memoens supports Memosens sensors for measuring pH, redox potential, oxygen, conductivity and temperature. The sensors are connected to the PC via a USB port using the supplied "Memo Link" interface converter.

Memo Suite directly shows the current measured values, the sensor data and the last adjustment. Additional functionality opens up a wide range of maintenance and diagnostic options. A variety of proven calibration methods from practice can be used to calibrate and adjust the sensors. An extensive buffer catalog of different buffer sets is available for pH sensors, which can be put together individually. You can also specify your own buffer sets if required. The complete recording of the calibration or adjustment data and the logging of operating times, in total or under extreme process conditions, enables documentation in accordance with legal requirements such as FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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