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leuze0112Barcode readers require a wide range of features, from connection technology to optics. With the new, modular BCL 300i series, users can precisely configure their individual equipment. Leuze electronic calls its new flexible way of product configuration "individual sensor solutions". Behind this is a modular device concept with application-specific equipment features.

In the case of the new barcode reader series BCL 300i, the application-oriented alignment begins with the general performance features. Technically based on the BCL 500i series for ranges up to more than 2 m, the BCL 300i covers the application spectrum up to 700 mm ranges. Outwardly, this "cut" is already apparent in the compact design, which allows close placement directly on the conveyor line. At the same time, the high-quality optics enable great depth of focus and opening angle for reliable detection even on wide conveyor lines. Since neither the focus must be adjusted nor the scan rate adjusted, the devices are very easy to apply.

The convincing performance of the BCL 300i is also enhanced by the Full CRT (Code Fragment Technology). It reliably detects even badly damaged or soiled codes. In order to tune the barcode readers individually to a specific reading field, ie the required range and resolution, four optical variants (high, medium, low and ultra low density) are available. In addition to the front beam exit deflecting mirror or swivel mirror variants increase the flexibility in use. Of course, the choice between heated and non-heatable optics remains.

Modularity is also demonstrated by the BCL 300i in terms of the connection techniques, for which the appropriate connection hood is selected as required. These are available with M12 connector or with terminals for direct connection. In addition, there is a connection hood with open cable end and one with connecting cable to a remote terminal box. This means that all types of electrical contacting can be implemented individually on a modular basis.

Modular is the data output designed. Here, a graphical display can be added to the visual display via an LED display when ordering. The flexibly configurable connection to the control symbolizes the i in the type designation of the BCL 300i. It stands for integrated fieldbus connectivity and offers direct integration and parameterization of the system into the control system with a large number of fieldbus interfaces that can be supplied - without any additional software.

The devices can also act as an Ethernet switch to build a network in line structure. If the BCL 300i is not used in a fieldbus, the integrated parameterization software "Webconfig" ensures that the user can select all functions that the device offers. The browser-based tool, which is independent of the operating system, also allows settings directly via the Ethernet.

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