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schmersal0112The Safety sensor MZM 120 by Schmersal It is suitable for applications in which machines and systems are cleaned with superheated steam or with the high-pressure water jet and aggressive cleaning agents. He is thus targeting food machinery engineering, for which the company has also developed other industry-specific safety relays.

In the case of the MZM 120, the key feature is the locking function, which is generated electromagnetically, ie without contact. This offers the advantage that switch and actuator without dead space, for example, for the introduction of a locking bolt manage: The entire construction is smooth. The coil yoke and the anchor plate are provided with the special non-stick coating Nedox SF2. The coating ensures that the safety sensor performs its tasks permanently and reliably even when exposed to detergents and other chemicals. This makes the sensor ideal for use in hygiene-sensitive areas.

The locking function of the MZM 120 allows the designer to prevent the operator from opening the protective door while the machine is running, thus interrupting the production process. A locking force of up to 500 N is generated.

The MZM 120 has been tested according to the requirements of IP 69 K (protection against water in high-pressure / steam jet cleaning). Its compact rectangular design offers the advantage that the safety relay can be easily integrated into the surrounding construction. In addition to food machinery, there are other typical applications in the beverage industry, pharmaceutical production and the chemical industry.

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