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kuebler1211Kübler has implemented an innovative solution for the mounting of single-turn absolute encoder on gearless drives. Thanks to a new torque arm provides this a smooth and quick mounting. A Set button for fast start and the absolute open bite-C interface, including an incremental Sincos are also integrated.

For manufacturers of gearless elevators, this solution offers new opportunities to reduce the installation costs considerably, both in production and in the application. Ease of installation due to the fact that the encoder has a tapered shaft for an equally high accuracy, such as direct coupling to the direct output, said tapered shaft is connected via a central screw to the drive shaft.

Other technical features:

* Single-turn resolution to max. 17 bit with bite-C (Bi / serial / synchronous) or SSI interface
* Optional zeroing button for easy setup
* Sincos incremental with 2048 Imp. / Revolution
* Faster connection through new torque arm
* Tangential cable outlet for optimal connection

In addition, the absolute 5873 Sendix allows a direct speed feedback. Laid-open bite-C interface (bidirectional / serial / synchronous) based on a protocol for implementing a real-time interface for a digital serial and secure communication between controllers, sensors and actuators. The bite-C protocol is designed for applications where transmission speeds, safety (CRC), flexibility and a minimal implementation effort is required.

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